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Homemade recipe for wood fired oven: Bread and dessert

The Pizza Party wood fired oven is really great for bread. Thanks to professional eco-insulation that insulated the wood oven it can stay warm for more hours even without fire, allowing a constant cooking temperature in time. This allows an optimal baking for bread traditional recipe and dessert. For best results you should see the following video, to make the best out of the Pizza Party as a wood fired oven for bread.

Tips from the owner and expert customer on how to use ther Pizza Party as a wood fired oven for homemade bread

youtubeHow to Make Bread Without Crust! recipe for homemade bread dough and baking.

How to Make Homemade bread recipe: pagnotta of bread in baking dish cooked in Pizza Party by Andy

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Outdoor Wood fired pizza oven mobile Pizza Party

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