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Space saving Pizza Peels – Pizza Party design!

Pizza peel Pizza Party

Pair of short-handled pizza peels Space Saving 56cm in length, this model of pizza peels is perfect for frequent use, especially in light spaces, such as wood-fired ovens located within houses and taverns. The handle has a length that allows a ‘good grip and at the same time handling unsurpassed.


This type of pizza peels are composed of an aluminum handle of round shape with a diameter of 25mm to allow for optimal handling and facilitate the frequent use.
The pizza peels are composed of stainless steel, which gives the pizza peels a remarkable durability, while its reduced thickness allows ease of use even the less experienced also ensuring excellent elasticity.
The boxy shape very easy to use the pizza peels to transfer the pizza from the pastry board / work surface over the peel

New pizza peel model

Pizza peel to bake the pizza ( the biggest pizza peel) only 595g and size 30×32 cm

Pizza peel for the management of fire (the smallest pizza peel): 355g and size 20×22 cm

At same price to the previous model!!

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Outdoor Wood fired pizza oven mobile Pizza Party

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