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Antipipistrello 2.0 No Smoke system

Would you like to buy the wood fired oven but.. Have you annoying neighbors? Live in a condominium and have people upstairs? Have you a room with little draft? Don’t have a chimney available to pizza oven inside placement?

These were some of the difficulties that we had to place our wood oven on the terrace of our house .. We found the solution to all these questions by inventing a new product: the Antipipistrello 2.0

Designed for people who have these difficulties, the Antipipistrello is easily positioned above the wood oven which mixes air and very little smoke emitted from the kiln firing it away from the house without bothering the neighbors.

This accessory allows a flue in 3 positions laterally left / right and rear according to the requirements. Many customers also using it to enhance the draft in difficult conditions such as, the installation is very simple just put the tubes in the wood oven exit and you’re done:

Antipipistrello 2.0 Warehouse extreme test

Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of a good wood-fired pizzas at home! With the Antipipistrello 2.0 everything is possible!

Test to the warehouse: Smoking No Thanks! In normal use the wood oven Pizza Party emits very little smoke and this is the demonstration ..

The kit includes: the structure of Antipistrello 2.0 with accessories for mounting in various positions, 1 stainless steel valve mounted on a tube of 25cm, 1 tube 25cm for the final part of the product.

Your Pizza Party WHERE YOU WANT!Antipipistrello no smoke system wood fired pizza oven

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