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Italian Recipes

In Italy there has always been the culture of the fireplace at home and what it meant to the family, the pleasure of meeting others, tell stories and eat together. Even the Italian culinary culture has always had a strong link with fire. Any dish cooked with fire wood gains a unique and inimitable flavor if compared to the usual gas or electric oven. Rediscover ancient flavors and rediscover the pleasure of a dinner with dear friends, eating good pizza … all this is possible thanks to the Pizza Party wood fired oven because you can take it and use it wherever and whenever you want… Cooking any delicacies you want and on top of all that you’ll have fun as well.

The flavors of the typical Italian tradition require the use of fire; wood fired ovens are the best cooking method that manages to impart a unique flavor to every dish.
Any dish cooked in a wood fired oven acquires a unique taste. Let’s just say that to make a unique bread in a wood fired oven is sufficient to use a certain type of wood to give it a particular flavor. In a busy world it’s nice to rediscover the ancient flavors spending a nice day with friends and family, traditions are not to be forgotten…

Enjoy wood fired ovens at home

Recipes and tips were sent from our costumers: after using Pizza Party they could not resist to share some mouth-watering recipes … cooking times are approximate and you can vary them according to your taste… the choice is yours… now you are the chef of pizzaiolo!

Discover the new sections full of tips and advices on how to use the oven:

After lighting the fire

The wood fired oven should be well heated trying to find  a references to tell when the refractory bricks are at the correct temperature. For example: you may want to place a hand under the wood fired oven, if the outside aluminum is warm it means that the bricks are hot. Another technique is placing two fingers at the top of the oven’s mouth to feel the warmth of the bricks.

For cooking we recommend always using the best wood, especially oak, that makes a lot of embers.


Use good bread, cut it into slices and roast it in the oven, once golden and crispy, remove it and rub it with a clove of garlic and add a little olive oil and salt. Eat it still warm. *


The slice of bread is stuffed as desired with the ingredients of pizza and is put in the oven long enough to melt the cheese and make the bread crispy. *


Let the dough balls (flour, water, yeast, salt)  rise

And then spread the pizza pie with your hands or with a rolling pin. Pour a little oil on top and add a little salt and place the pie in the oven.*

*: in all three recipes, keep the flames well lit on the side or at the back of the oven. To better keep the oven temperature, leave the front door partially open to allow some air for combustion.

Lasagna and baked pasta

Put in the oven at a temperature of 200-220° (390 – 430 Fahrenheit) with the pan covered. The front door must remain partially open and not closed.

Roasted chicken

When the over is already well heated, put off the fire, leaving the door open the temperature should drop to about 200-220° (390 – 430 Fahrenheit) that will be steady for about 2 hours even without the fire going. If you want to leave the embers in the oven, you should leave the chimney cap slightly raised and the front door partially open to avoid too much smoke. However, if you want to remove the ashes, you must close the chimney to keep the internal temperature for longer time.

For better cooking use of a steel or aluminum pan and make sure you cover the pan in case you decide to leave the embers in the oven. The chicken cooking time varies from one to two hours, depending on size of chicken and if you want it juicier or dryer.

Use the wood oven with grill and set barbecue

Inside the oven you can make grilled fish or meat as easily as in a BARBECUE, with the advantage of: avoiding unpleasant fumes, the flame may turn on during cooking, avoid that food is broiled too much. The techniques that can be used are: move the fire on the side and place the rack in the center of the oven with a baking pan filled with water below it or with the embers under the grate.


Wait until the fire is off and then place the wire rack on the embers. In case of grease goes on the brick it will be burned on the next fire ignition.

Rosticciana (pork ribs)

The fire should be on the side to leave the space for a baking pan partially filled with water to be placed under the grill to collect the grease dripping from pork ribs during cooking. You should always keep the door partially open. Cooking must be continuously checked.


To cook this fish you should, as in the previous recipe, place the grill on top of a baking pan filed with the water: as this fish has a lot of fat if it was burned it would likely give a bad taste to the salmon.


For baking cakes (such as tarts, Apple Tart, crushed grapes, etc.) it is necessary to heat the oven and when the fire is off, remove the embers to reach a temperature of 200° (390 Fahrenheit) . For the cooking time follow the recipe.

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