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Make roast meat and barbecue in your wood fired oven

How to make roast and BBQ in wood fired oven: advantages and tips

Barbecue and roast in wood fired oven

Pizza Party ovens are great wood fired oven to make roast and barbecue: thanks to the baking tray or barbecue set you can prepare excellent roast meat without making obnoxious smoke. Barbecue set consists of a tray and a grid of ideal size to make the best use of the coking floor. It was suggested to us from our clients, it is a valid alternative to traditional BBQ that create much smoke as the fat falls on brace and could annoy your neighborhood. Using the traditional or inclined “barbecue set” the fat and oil is collected in the tray underneath the grill without producing typical smoke. If you pour some water in the pan when your meat is half-cooked, you’ll notice that the steam created from the heat will make the meat softer, without blackening it.

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