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Eolo, clean the wood fired oven is easy and fast

How to clean wood fired oven

The blower for wood fired ovens, “Eolo” is the ideal tool to clean and remove the ashes from the floor in the wood oven, without the risk of getting burnt. After the start-up phase, after moving the fire with small pizza peel , Eolo is very comfortable  to clean the hob and you can quickly begin to churn out pizzas.

Advantages of the blower Eolo than traditional wood fired pizza ovens brushes : brushes made of various metallic materials during use often lose the bristles that can end up on your pizzas. In addition, some brushes are too hard and rubbing repeatedly on the hob could create dust that will be collected by the first pizzas you are going to cook.

In the event that there are residues of previous cooking, just relight the fire or at the most, we can use a damp cloth. Important don’t use chemical products.

Help and advice :

The ash that is deposited in the cracks can be left.

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