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How to choose the firewood for fireplaces, wood fired ovens and stoves

How to choose firewood to burn in wood fired oven and stove

For a better combustion it is preferable to use firewood with less than 20% humidity. It is better to buy in advance and stack it in a dry and ventilated area, possibly not to the North. (Buying wood during the summer doesn’t guarantee to buy dry firewood)

How to recognize the damp firewood : – quite heavy – has a few splits – the bark doesn’t come off – sometimes has mushrooms or molds

Burning wet firewood : – makes smoke – pollutes – creates debris that settles in the chimney – produces less heat – you’ll spend more buying moist wood – harder to light the fire

How to recognize the dry firewood: – very often has some wide cracks – the bark tends to come off

The combustion of dry firewood reduces wood consumption and minimizes the smoke

To recognize if the wood is dry or moist, you can also throw down a stub, and if the noise of the impact on the ground is grim means it is damp wood

Types of firewood from ash oak beech are preferred because they have a good calorific


  • buy the wood the previous year and use it on the next
  • stack your dry wood in a ventilated and covered place
  • buy an moisture meter for assessing the quality of the wood

The wood that you buy is almost always too wet! It must be purchased in advance
for short-term usage we recommend pellets.

wood optimal size: length 30-40cm (11.82 – 15.76 inch) diameter lower 3-7cm (1.18 – 2.76 inch) or pellet for pizzeria

Materials NOT to use

avoid woods, avoid pine, damp wood, cardboard, treated wood, painted wood, lacquered wood, plastic materials.

NOTE: Be careful to buy the wood in the summer does not mean buy dry wood.

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