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How to move your pizza oven in garden? Support with wheels is the solution

How to move a pizza oven

To celebrate 15 years since the invention of the first portable wood-fired oven in the world, Pizza Party 70×70, in 2013 we launched the new aluminum support with and without wheels easy to move. Made from extruded aluminum for durability, quality in time and make it even lighter than your Pizza Party. The stand is easy to assemble and available in 2 models, with wheels and without wheels. Both models are equipped with a sliding useful for the support of the tools you use frequently.

The support with wheels

It weighs only 8 kg more than the 2kg sliding shelf, large wheels allow you to easily overcome the obstacles present in gardens and courtyards. Ideal for those who want to move often the wood-burning oven in the garden courtyards, inside and outside depending on the season.

The support without wheels

It weighs only 7 kg plus 2kg of sliding shelf. This model is suitable for those who want to move the wood burning oven or only occasionally has to make shorter trips such as a porch to the garden.


The stand with wheels moves easily in one person, thanks to the large wheels.
The support without wheels, it can be easily moved by two people, removing the sliding shelf, the wood fired oven and support weigh 57kg, taking the support side, the handling is easy and fast, even if there are no wheels. This type of support is indicated for those that move less frequently the wood fired pizza oven.

New: Easy to customize

Its structure was created to allow us to customize support as you like.
The structure allows you to easily build 2 shelves beneath the slide.
You can play sideways support with simple holes to be drilled on the section. The centering of the hole is simple thanks to the special design of the profile that facilitates this operation.


Height: 98cm allows you to have the hob 105cm, optimum height to facilitate the work in the wood fired pizza oven without having to bend.
Size: 76 * 70 * 98cm H
Color: silver

Material: Pizza Party patented profiled anodized aluminum for durability lightness and durability
Sliding plane: made with wood for boats, to improve the weather resistance.

More info:

Available for wood fired oven 70×70 and Pizzone

youtubeHow to assembly the support, easy and fast

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