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Pizza Party’s business opportunity and street food

Wood fired pizza catering and street food

Make money with wood fired ovens Pizza Party.. Your business pizza catering, pizza on the road, street food, wood fired pizza catering at home for any type of event.

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Italian Style Pizza where you want with Ape Piaggio

Follow the tip in this section means to take advantage of the experience of other people who have already successfully undertaken this path. You will be provided with all the basic information to get a quick and lasting profit by selling pizzas cooked in markets, catering and home parties.

The activity is based on several assumptions:

-The wood fired oven 70×70 or Pizzone produced by PIZZA PARTY company leader in producing portable high quality wood fired ovens.

-Enjoy pizza around wood oven, organizes fun parties with friend and kids, we provides you all information to begin your business and parties

-The pizza cook in wood fired oven is the favorite food of many people, allows a good profit


Anyone can engage in this activity, you will not have to invest a huge amount of money, unlike normal business activities, just invest euro 1,500 and in a short time you can build your future. There is no need for qualifications to pursue this opportunity. There is no need to leave your job, you decide when to do this activity, and you won’t have risks. You are the owners and operators of this opportunity. It may be a good idea for those with a part time job taking advantage of the second activity in your free time.

The only thing you need is to be confident and bet on yourself. Use your pizza passion and enjoy pizza party

Important: there isn’t need to spend on trailer-track more expensive, it’s sufficient to move by your car, and by wood fired oven support with wheels moves comfortably in all gardens, even where the trailer-track can’t enter


The remarkable earnings that you’ll have with this activity is mainly due to:

  • You don’t have cost for renting and waiters are not required
  • Pizza, the product we sell, costs very little and it can be sold at good prices, our customers who have undertaken such activities have informed us that after a couple of events had already earned over what they had invested
  • A pizzeria is normally in a building and cannot move, sometimes can be many miles from an event that attracts many people, on the contrary you’ll have the ability to move wherever there are a large number of potential customers having to pay, if any, a very low rental cost for the ground.
  • You can serve pizza with a good cold beer, another source of income
  • No need of special means of transportation, you can use your car safely for everyday use, the pizza party oven is made to be moved quickly and easily


What do i need to begin this business?

-Pizza Party wood fired ovens with your choice of accessories to ensure a proper use of the product. Initially, it is important to practice with the oven in private in order to learn to know it inside out

-Wood, use good quality and dry, cut in small pieces. The wood fired pizza oven 70×70 consumes about 2.5 kg/h (6 lb./h) use this figure to make calculations on how much you need for your event.

-A small booth or gazebo to cover the area that you’ll use

-A simple working table that does not need to be particularly sturdy due to the lightweight, or even a camping table

-Ingredients to make pizzas

-Some flyers or business cards even photocopied are fine

-You can use also a cooler with ice or a small refrigerator for the drinks

-With regard to bureaucracy, regulations vary from region to region so it is advisable to contact the office of public hygiene of your area or ask a professional consultant on food hygiene.

It ithe start up choosing the events where you live: if you forget something you can quickly go get it and the pass the word of your friend is very huseful


1 – Get to know your Pizza Party products in order to be aware of all the salient features of the various wood fired oven size. Often practice at home to bake pizza or roast meat learning timings and getting confident, perhaps focusing initially on just one kind of food. One of the benefits that should not be underestimated is the fact that this oven is not only a working tool as it is for a drill or saw, etc. It can also be used at home for your happiness and to cook healthy food for your children.

2 – Have a clear idea of why you want to undertake this job. What leads you to believe this opportunity is your best chance to make your present and your future the way you wanted. Write down what you wanted to achieve with this opportunity and do whatever it takes to get it!!

3 – Make a list of all the festivals, fair and market events that will attract many people and many children. Mark each date as a date that is in the first step of the staircase leading to achieving your goals.

4 – We can choose to go to an exhibition or festivals where there are thousands of people or even catering directly at their home, the possibilities are endless and costs are almost nil, the feature that will make you stand out amongst others competitors will be the good taste and the incredible smell coming out of your wood baked pizzas.

5 – Always carry business cards or flyers (photocopied) for advertising, reminding your customers where they went to eat that great pizza a few days ago. The quality of your pizza will be your best free publicity.

6 – Make sure you put absolutely all your contact details on your business cards or flyers especially if you plan on doing catering, make it clear as you’ll have no competition on this type of service with pizza or other delicacies made in wood fired ovens.

7 – During each event make sure you’ll post a sign to display where they can find you in the upcoming days or weeks, clearly mark every date

8 – Your willingness to learn the various techniques and the continuous improvement of your skills will make the difference in the results you will get

9 – Experiment and study constantly so you always find a better/faster way


To find who is the organizer of an event try to ask the County office, they will more likely tell you who you need to contact.

When you chose the place, try to get a good spot where people could also get a seat without chairs or benches in order to make more convenient to eat.

Ape pizza oven street food


To find out who is the organizer of an event, the entities will be better informed or more likely that they will show you who you should speak are: country office, or vigilant.

When you need to fix the place, try to get a place at one point in the show where people could even sit up without having to use chairs or benches to make it more convenient eaten.


Always be ready to make food for a lot of people, when you purchase the ingredients for the next days always buy some extra. Many products can be reused in the future if you were to buy too much. It’s always better to give customers the ability to choose and to be able to try multiple kinds of products prepared with our wood fired oven. More tastings brings more money and more publicity and nothing brings regret more then thinking that if we were better prepared we could have earned more. Depending on the event try to find a way to attract people toward you, to intrigue them.

pizziamo street food pizza party truck


If you go, for example, to an exhibition, you don’t have to go in the morning at 8 AM, as the service that you will provide will have greater request hours later. It is better to work an hour later in the evening than too early in the morning. If you see that during the exhibition there are moments of poor turnout of people try to attract people with some free tasting. People go where other people are.


Record all data of the day so you can make a statistic of what was sold, record the costs and the profit. To record everything will help you understand which products are more attractive than others; quantify the gain will keep clear in your mind what we are doing to achieve your goal step by step


If you are looking for a new source of income, probably the situation in which you find yourself is not allowing you to achieve the lifestyle you imagined or desired. Then it’s time to bet on yourself and try to get the most out of your life achieving your goals.

For more information please contact us, we may even get you in touch with other costumers that have already started this type of activity

Inaction produces doubts and fears. The action generates self-confidence and courage. If you want to conquer you fears, don’t sit at home thinking. Get out and get some action.
Dale Carnegie

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