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Pizza Peel for “Pizza al metro”

aluminum pizza peel

With this pizza peel for wood fired oven or electric pizza oven you can make pizzas very long, even 55-60cm, so as to further increase the efficiency of the your pizza oven by exploiting the internal dimensions.

Cook large pizzas can serve many people at the same time making pizza slices!
In addition, it becomes easier the management of pizzas, in fact if cook 2 pizzas at the same time we should be very careful to turn the pizzas considering cooking times even less than a minute. The cooking of a long pizza becomes more simple.
This pizza peel is entirely in aluminum, very light, to increase the practicality and facilitate the prolonged use.


This special model of long pizza peel is made entirely of aluminum, with aluminum round handle length of 29cm to ensure high comfort grip.

The pizza peel has a length of 60cm and is made of aluminum to make it superior lightweight and very elastic, its structure allows it to be very robust, reduced thickness to facilitate the impalement of the pizza despite the large size of the pizzas.

New pizza peel model

Weight: lighter than the previous model only 580g

Size: larger 30x60cm

At same price to the previous model!!

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