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Wood fired pizza oven accessories, gas pizza oven, fireplace…

We have many accessories for fireplaces, wood oven, gas oven and electric oven manufactured by us. Many accessories for wood fired oven are considered essential and were included in the price of the wood ovens Pizza Party. To find out the prices and current offers visit our Official shop online.

Pizza Party recommend:

For the use of wood fired oven to make pizza recommend the use of pizza peels (separable handle or short handle) and the “long pizza peel for pizza al metro” useful for making pizzas larger and easier to handle, allowing you to put many people at the table at the same time . To use the wood fired pizza oven to make roasts, we recommend the classic barbecue or inclined BBQ set, taking into account also the stainless steel valve necessary to vary the draft and retain heat in the oven. With regard to the support where you are going to place your Pizza Party, the wood fired oven 70×70 weight 50kg, can be placed on almost any flat surface..

So we advise you to save money on support and maybe buy more accessories that will make your work in the oven easier and more fun. Keep in mind that if you decide to make a stand similar to the one made by us, most likely you are going to spend almost twice as much. In order not to lose the pleasure of a nice spit .. in September 2012 we launched the new electric rotisserie double power to make a rotisserie in the wood fired oven or even out of the wood fired oven. For those who have difficulty in finding good DRY WOOD essential to better use any oven or fireplace, we provide 100% of the pellets for pizzerias beech, allowing you to have a supply of firewood at home taking up little space.

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