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Comments, testimonials and reviews

Contact us! Pizza Party ovens is more popular and we can put you in contact with some customer near to you!

Some comments on Facebook reviews

We have many excellent pizzamaker around the world, some shared their experiences with Pizza Party ovens on forum, example:

Forum link (JD) – Forum link (Don Luigi) – Forum link (Craig) – Forum link (Brad) – Forum link (Jackie)

Look Pizza Party youtube channel and Pizza Party Facebook more customers share your recipe with taste and flavor. Check how many people use it.
Newspapers that have written about Pizza Party

pizza party articolo la nazione piccoloilgalletto004pp Press area

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Pizza Party ovens are excellent products realized by professional material for high performance. More customers use Pizza Party oven for your business pizza Catering and pizza at home, street food or pizza on the road

Visit also the websites, our customers specialized pizza catering and use professionally the pizza ovens 70×70 Pizza Party:

Visit also the websites, our customers specialized pizza catering and use professionally the wood fired pizza ovens Pizza Party:

Conlemani (NL), Facebook Proper Pizza Co web site (UK), Viva la pizza (NL), Facebook Tu Pizza Party web site Tu Pizza Party (ES), Facebook PizzainMovimento (IT), Palazzo Pizza Party ES, Mani in Pasta  e facebook catering (IT), Pizza Pazza facebook e Pizza Pazza web site (NL), Secret Pizzeria (NL), Facebook Pizza Vagabonda (IT), Facebook Jhonnys Pizzaparty (ES), Facebook JIPI Empanadas Foodbike (DK), Facebook Pizza Nocciano (USA), Facebook Sazon con fusion (MX), Facebook PizzaBaker (USA), Facebook Adriano la pizzeria a casa tua (IT), Facebook Pizza chef on the road (IT), Facebook Jens Kok IVS (DK), Facebook Margherita tutta la vita (NL), Facebook Millimetro (IT), web site Ardore (BE), Facebook Attorno (BE), Buon ape tito website (BE), Què es in house pizza website (Guatemala), Street food truck pizza oven (USA street food truck), Yukon instagram(USA), SfornatoUK facebook (UK street food), instagram Tafel (Galles), Gourmet Hog Roast (UK), Facebook Street food truck Pizziamo (PL), Facebook Ritz Carlton Resort (JP), web site & facebook Vedovnspizza (NO), Facebook SicilyVan street food truck (UK)

See the youtube video playlist of some of their video presentations related to past events and give an idea of the potential of professional wood fired ovens Pizza Party

Great italian pizza maker Massimo Currò show his original neapolitan pizza in wood fired oven Pizza Party 70×70.. Live a traditional neapolitan pizza experience

Massimo Currò is a pizzaiolo more popular by his traditional recipe, his italian recipe version exceeded 275.000 views

look his facebook fan page

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